Your questions answered


Why might you have been referred to Innovate Healthcare for an assessment?

We are a provider of services specialising predominantly in the relationship between health and work. We are essentially an advisory service and our main objective is to facilitate an environment in which you can successfully return to/stay in work and rehabilitate to full function.

Who do we work on behalf of?

In most instances, we would have received your referral via your employer or insurance company. We do not take the place of your own GP or of any other healthcare professionals you are currently under the care of. We are independent specialists assessing and advising on how you and your referring party can facilitate an environment in which you can successfully return to/stay in work and rehabilitate to full function.

Who will be assessing you?

Our approach uses a multi-disciplinary team of directly employed and associated healthcare professionals including occupational health physicians, occupational health nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, occupational psychologists, nurses, exercise physiologists and vocational rehabilitation specialists. Depending on the specific type of assessment you have been referred for, you will be seen by one of these professions.

Our multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals is trained in the specific assessments that they provide. Furthermore, they are trained in knowing about medical conditions, how they affect people and how treatment affects them, requirements of jobs (mental, physical, and safety), disability law, employment law, and health and safety laws. Combine this knowledge with the outcome of your assessment, and we can advise about issues such as fitness to work, keeping well at work, and support or adjustments for your referring party to consider to best support you.

What is a management referral?

Your employer has requested that Innovate contact you to complete a management referral. The purpose of a management referral is to assess your current health and the physical/mental/safety requirements of your job so that advice can be provided to you and your employer about your ability to work, what you can or cannot do safely and suggestions for supporting you in the workplace.

With your consent, once the assessment has been completed, we will write a report detailing the relevant things we have discussed and send it to your employer, with the aim of advising them on how they can support you. The report may therefore include impartial advice on topics such as recommendations to support a return to work or stay in work, current fitness for work and the impact of work on any disclosed health conditions. Content of the report will be discussed with you and your consent obtained before the report is released to your employer.

What personal medical information will be shared with your referring party?

Confidentiality and consent are central to the relationship between Innovate and the individuals that we assess. Please take a look at our privacy policy to find out more about how we look after your information: Privacy Policy

In very rare circumstances in the UK, clinical practitioners have public duties to break confidentiality at times. The type of circumstances where this might be applied is when you or others might be at risk of harm, a child protection issue, life-threatening emergencies, serious crimes, court orders, or serious criminal investigations.

What is consent and why is it so important?

Our practitioners are regulated and monitored by a number of regulatory bodies including the General Medical Council (GMC), the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), and the Data Protection Act (2018). We will only ever provide personal medical information about you to a third party if we have your consent to do so. So, before you attend any type of assessment with one of our healthcare practitioners you will be required to confirm your consent. Further information regarding the release of the report will also be provided to you at the point of assessment.

You have the right to refuse your consent, however, you should be aware that if you decide not to give your consent, your referring party may have to make decisions about you based on the information available to them without the benefit of an independent clinical opinion.

What if you need special access provisions made?

If you require a face to face appointment and you have mobility or access difficulties, please let us know so that we are able to schedule an appointment at the most appropriate location for you. Depending on the type of assessment required, we are able to provide some assessments at your own home to reduce the need for you to travel.

What do you need to have available for the assessment?

Please have your medication list and any hospital letters/scan letters which can provide medical information about your diagnosis and treatment for your assessment.

Can anyone be present with you for your assessment?

You can have a family member/friend etc. with you as long as you don’t mind them being present when details of your personal medical history/work problems are discussed. It is not appropriate for a child to attend the assessment with you.

What areas do you cover?

We cover all of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Any other questions?

We are always looking at ways to improve our services. Contact us if you need any further information not covered here or would like to send a compliment or complaint.