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Corporate Wellbeing Services

Wellbeing services ranging from Individual interventions to organisational-wide bespoke wellbeing framework strategies.

Wellbeing Education

Innovate Occupational Health is dedicated to promoting wellbeing in the workplace. We offer a comprehensive suite of educational webinars focused on the four pillars of wellbeing: InShape, InFocus, InTouch, and InControl. Each webinar provides employees with a solid understanding of key facts and issues, as well as the tools and insights needed to make positive changes to their own wellbeing.

Innovate are able to offer access to our online Wellbeing Platform. This platform is accessible 24/7 and features a variety of articles, blogs, and topical wellbeing webinars that are updated on a monthly basis. The platform is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and provide your employees with the resources they need to improve their overall wellbeing. Whether you’re looking to improve physical, psychological, social, or financial wellbeing, our Wellbeing Platform is the perfect resource for your employees


Physical wellbeing might be the most long established and widely recognised element of overall wellbeing, but does that mean we all know all there is to know? We think not, particularly when it comes to the most up to date advice on managing our physical health in a world of constant change.


Psychological wellbeing is a broad field of interconnected terms including stress, mental health, emotional resilience and much else. We seek to provide some clarity to some of these over-used but under-explained concepts.


Human beings are a social species and while there are of course individual differences in how we choose to mix with others, we cannot hope to fully appreciate and maximise wellbeing unless we consider it from a social perspective.


Financial wellbeing may seem more fragile than every right now, so there may be no better time to consider the steps we can take to regain control of our financial future and equip ourselves for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

In each webinar we focus on a current concern within the field of workplace wellbeing and present comprehensive, evidence-based information designed to provide your employees with a solid understanding of the key facts and issues. Then we equip them with the tools and insights that will enable them make the changes needed to build and maintain their own wellbeing.

Our webinars are concerned with individual responsibility for managing our own wellbeing. You will find no leadership strategies or management models here, but we would urge leaders and managers to get to the front of the queue to learn more about managing their own wellbeing, before spreading the word throughout their organisations to build teams which are more informed, not to mention Inshape, Infocus, Intouch and Incontrol.

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